Endurance Leadership was launched as a nonprofit to reach out to individuals and groups with the mission of training leaders who will impact the world. At a time in this present world culture when many seek to simply satisfy their own needs, we strive to inspire people to think beyond themselves and to make a difference in local communities and around the world. Whether this means running kid’s camps in Tamale, Ghana while digging wells for villages desperately in need of water, organizing language and character camps for some of the far-reaching provinces in China, organizing medical trip to far reaching areas without care, investing in teenagers who have become discouraged watching government leaders practicing corruption, or serving orphans and school-age children in Latin America, Endurance Leadership strives to leave a lasting imprint on individuals.  It is our hope that we can make a lasting impact reaching the Nations from our Nation’s Capital.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? -Mark 8:36

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved: info@enduranceleadership.org