Bilingual Marriage Retreat – Ebenezer, Uruguay

March 6, 2024 - March 12, 2024


WHAT: Host and benefit from a marriage retreat for Church leaders and missionaries serving in Uruguay.

WHO: Adults

WHEN: March 6-12, 2024 (you will need to arrive to Montevideo on the 6th and depart on the 12th)

WHERE: Ebenezer – a spiritual retreat home located on the Rio de la Plata. This place is designed for anyone who is in need of rest and rejuvenation. Ebenezer offers a time of not only relaxation, but spiritual support. It also provides a time of reflection based on its meaning in I Samuel 7:12 “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” Ebenezer provides its guests the opportunity to leave the daily grind and then return to daily life with greater enthusiasm to live out their true identity and purpose!

WHY: To serve, grow and love others as we learn how to better strengthen our marriages – to be stretched as a leader by serving and loving others in a foreign country.

COST: $1252 + flight

(COST INCLUDES: transportation, lodging, hotel, meals, supplies during the service volunteer trip, etc… – cost is entirely tax-deductible.)

(COST DOES NOT INCLUDE: Meals in transit & dinner in Colonia del Sacramento. In addition, it does not include Covid-19 testing in the USA or in Uruguay. Each participant is required to meet trip requirements in the time frame outlined by Uruguay and the US government. In addition, the cost does NOT include a health/travel insurance plan. If you desire health or travel insurance, which is HIGHLY recommended, please visit ALLIANZ TRAVEL INSURANCE

Note: With the constant changing rules and restrictions related to Covid-19, Endurance Leadership has chosen for each participant to be responsible in getting the necessary Covid-19 testing prior to and during travel. The rules may change at any time related to the vaccine or testing so we will keep each participant up to date on requirements and allow individuals and families to acquire what is necessary for travel. Whatever the current cost of the Covid-19 test in Uruguay, please note that this cost is not provided by Endurance Leadership.

TRIP ADD-ONS: We have had trip participants in the past add on an excursion to Buenos Aires, Argentina at their own expense. Since there are many variables and choices regarding that trip, please let our staff know your desired return date of travel, so we can make that change before we purchase the group tickets.

REGISTER: To get signed up simply complete the two following tasks:

  1. Click the “Apply Now” button and fill out the Questionnaire
  2. Click the “Donate/Payment” button to leave your non-refundable deposit of $500