Italy – May/June 2019

May 11, 2019 - June 6, 2019

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COST: $1700 (price does not include airfare)

WHAT: We will be working alongside our church partner in Mondragone, Italy. The team working in the south with our church partner to love the locals, do construction work and minister to prostitutes and victims of human trafficking. Students will be given an opportunity to do evangelism and service oriented ministry to benefit the partners in Mondragone, just north of Naples. The construction project is to assist our church partner in the construction of an actual church building. In addition, we will spend one week working in Siena, assisting the Church of Siena in evangelism at the local university and helping run after school kids ministry/camp for impoverished immigrant families.

REGISTER: To get signed up, simply complete the two following tasks: 1. Click the “Apply Now” tab to receive your details, submit it and then 2. Click the “Donate/Payment” tab to leave your non-refundable deposit of $650.  There are only 16 spaces available for this Intensive and we operate on a first come, first serve basis, so the only way to reserve your space is with a paid deposit.  

DETAILS: Cost is kept low to make this trip affordable for those who really want to grow and experience service and community. Trip cost includes transportation to/from Rome to Mondragone and Siena. In addition, your accommodations and details are coordinated by our leadership team. Enjoy an amazing opportunity of almost 4 weeks serving in Italy with the team, sharing morning devotions, planned daily service projects, evening team time, and weekends off. What the trip cost does NOT include: Flight to/from Italy, meal costs and added optional weekend excursions. (However, meals will be included during time of service in Mondragone). Weekends provide a chance for a break and time to connect with the team and people from the church partners. Students are expected to adhere to the conduct and guidelines provided in the trip contract.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: Trip participants must make flight arrangements to arrive in Rome, Italy on Monday, May 11th.  Flights home should be booked for a departure date of the 6th of June.  Participants are welcome to arrive early or depart on a later date, however, coordinating extra travel details and dates is up to the individual. Will & Sandra Cravens will guide the student team and be responsible for trains, buses and other forms of transportation between the airport and our two service areas in south and central Italy. If participants decide to fly into or out of another major Italian city, or to arrive on a later date, or depart on an earlier date, they will be responsible to take a train, bus or car direct to the designated service area. People coming late or departing early are still responsible for the entire cost of $1,700. Once participants have purchased tickets or have redeemed a flight award, they must email us their flight itinerary by April 15, 2020, so we can help coordinate their pick up and drop off for those arriving at the scheduled times listed above.

WEEKENDS: Participants are welcome to coordinate day or weekend trips to Rome or other Italian cities and we can help them make travel plans. However, these costs for trains and buses, etc, are not included in the excursion fee. In addition, participants must return to the church by Sunday evening and should not plan to depart for weekend excursions until we finish work on Friday afternoon. Travel plans can be made while you are in Italy or ahead of time. No persons can go alone and must adhere to the guidelines provided in the trip contract.

WHAT TO BRING: Participants will want to travel light with one suitcase that has wheels and a small carry on backpack. This helps when traveling between areas. Pack comfortable modest clothing, walking shoes, one work outfit that can get paint on it, a swim suit, bath towel, toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray and universal adapter for Europe (Italy). $500 is plenty of money to cover basic added food costs ($250 per week for meals, although you can go cheaper by shopping at the grocery store – and utilizing the kitchens). You must have an up to date passport that does not expire on our before December 2020.

EXPECTATIONS:  We are there to serve and to work together in a manner that honors Christ and demonstrates His love. Endurance Leadership reserves the right to send anyone home early at the participant’s expense, should they behave in a way that is harmful to the team or to the integrity of the excursion and is contrary to Biblical values. We will provide more specific examples during the group training and orientation.