YL Partnership

Young Life is an incredible organization that has been in existence since the 1940′s. They are involved in youth work in more than 40 countries; providing a valuable network of staff and resources, as well as a rich history in helping to make a lasting impact around the world. Will Cravens served on staff with Young Life as both a full-time worker and partner for more than 14 years, with 4 of those years spent in the United Kingdom. Endurance Leadership partners with Young Life, utilizing their cutting-edge youth camps, training and networking to help make a greater and lasting impact. Will Cravens is considered a registered staff partner with Young Life, under the staff number/name: X2154/Cravens.

Why doesn’t all of the Endurance Leadership work exist as “Young Life”?

Many have asked this question and there are three reasons that led us to work as collaborative partners, while remaining a separate entity:

  1. Young Life’s divisional work is divided from north to south with regard to international work. In other words, their work in Europe comes under a completely different division than the work in Africa. While much of the work that Endurance Leadership is currently engaged in takes place in both Europe and Africa, this did not fit with the current working structure of Young Life International.
  2. Young Life International requires that 3 years of support be pledged for all international staff before any salary can begin to be distributed. The reason for this rule is simply that through the years, many well-meaning Young Life staff went to serve abroad without having fully raised their full support. Being separated from their support base back in the states, they were unable to raise the necessary funds to stay in the field and had to return to the states before making a significant impact. In many cases, this trend left a negative impression on the international friends that they were seeking to reach. In an attempt to correct this problem, Young Life established the new guideline, which makes sense given the history. For Endurance Leadership’s purposes, we simply wanted to flexibility to get into the field and raise the necessary funds along the way. Having a separate entity allows us this opportunity.
  3. Young Life offers many amazing resources and covers so many of the services that a small nonprofit cannot realistically provide. For these services, there is a 13% service charge to funds that are raised. To maximize the allotted resources, Endurance Leadership chose to remain separate, so that all funds raised through Endurance Leadership could be freed up to serve the mission of building leaders who will endure. While we do have an established partnership with Young Life, funds raised through Endurance Leadership go toward salary and expenses involved with the mission, while funds raised via the Young Life partnership are used for expenses related to the Young Life partnership itself. For example, these funds could be used to take European or African teenagers to a Young Life camp, being part of the collaborative Young Life training network, utilizing so many of their other invaluable resources, and networking with Young Life’s knowledgeable staff.

Alternate Donation Option

Although our preferred method to receive donations is directly to Endurance Leadership, another option for donors is to set up automatic payment from their bank account or credit card account through the Young Life Giving website. If you prefer this method, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the YL Giving link
  2. Select the option “A Young Life Staff Member’s Ministry” and click Search
  3. Type in the name “Cravens” and click the Go button
  4. Find Will Cravens and click the corresponding “Select” button
  5. Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your donation.

This will allow you to make a tax deductible gift to the YL Partnership Area Account Number: X2154.