• 99 For 1
    99 For 1

    My book, 99 for 1, is available in 4 languages! See what people are saying about it on Amazon: "This is a great story about the transformative impact acts of generosity

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    Join us for any of our 2020 Leadership Excursions to: San Diego to work with the homeless, Uruguay to "Serve the Servants" (running an encouraging week for those who

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  • Annual Medical Trips

    For the past 6 years Endurance Leadership has been leading medical mission trips to bring care to those in communities around the globe who are desperately in need of

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  • San Diego Homeless Trips

    Since 2015 we have been making annual trips to San Diego to live among the homeless. Why do we do it? The trips originally began as E.L. founder Will Cravens felt led

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  • Story of “99 for 1” Searching for a homeless…

    Will Cravens, Founder of Endurance Leadership, has led numerous trips to search for his life long friend Ed Pelzner, who was last seen living homeless there. Will and

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