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Hosting Chinese Students – Winter & Summer 2017

January 30th - February 4th, and again in July & August 2017 - we will once again have an opportunity for those interested in hosting Chinese students. The children range in age from elementary school age to high school, although the primary group is middle school. This unique opportunity allows your family to meet and engage with children from a completely different culture. Our family has been doing this for three summers now and we are blessed

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Who Changed Our Dog’s Name?

In July of 2011, my wife Sandra and I decided to host a group of Chinese students in our home. For those of you who know us well, you know that when we decide to do something we usually dive in headfirst.  So we did, hosting 6 Chinese students in our home for a week. We found the experience to be such a blessing, the girls were all extremely polite and appreciative.  Each of the students worked hard to communicate in English, although we did need

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Follow the Leader

This past summer feels like an emotional blur.  In a nutshell, I had a job change, worked with students from Spain, China, the U.S. and Ghana. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, got Bells Palsy and a brain aneurysm, visited my father who was dying in St. Augustine, Florida and then was checked into the same hospital as a patient with a fever of 102. It may sound bleak, but on a positive note... I was able to meet some amazing students from around

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