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Annual Medical Trips

For the past 7 years, Endurance Leadership has been leading medical mission trips to bring care to those in communities around the globe who are desperately in need of assistance. So far EL has coordinated and led trips to Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Peru. Our professional medical staff has primarily come from hospitals in the northern Virginia Inova hospital network. However, we are not limited to that

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99 For 1

Will Cravens' book, 99 for 1, is available in 4 languages! See what people are saying about it on Amazon: "This is a great story about the transformative impact acts of generosity and love can make on people. It is also a sobering reality check that no matter how genuine and heartfelt wanting to help can be, there is no guarantee it will be wanted or received. Will Cravens chronicles his journey to discover what happened to his childhood friend with

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