99 For 1

Will Cravens’ book, 99 for 1, is available in 4 languages! See what people are saying about it on Amazon:

“This is a great story about the transformative impact acts of generosity and love can make on people. It is also a sobering reality check that no matter how genuine and heartfelt wanting to help can be, there is no guarantee it will be wanted or received. Will Cravens chronicles his journey to discover what happened to his childhood friend with bittersweet results. While his initial objective was a noble failure, his bigger impact on the people he met on the street and those who traveled with him will reverberate long into the future.”

– Zirk

“Incredible story written by a great man. It’s heartfelt and honest while also managing an unparalleled level of constant challenge to change.”

– Andrew Lamb

“I receive this as a gift….if you want to read a great story about the true definition of love for a friend, then get this book. Will searched for his childhood friend not once, but multiple times traveling to San Diego from Virginia to try and find him. He lived homeless on the streets to try and reach out to those who may know him, and encountered many other people living on the streets. You will go away knowing that indeed, everyone has a story. You will go through a range of emotions so you might want to have a kleenex nearby. Wonderful, wonderful book.”

– Amy W.

99 for 1 in English
“99 for 1”

99 for 1 in Spanish
“99 por 1”


99 for 1 in Italian
“99 per 1”

99 for 1 in German
“99 FÜR 1”

99 FÜR 1 German