San Diego Homeless Trip

Approximately 18 months ago, I walked the streets of San Diego looking for my childhood friend Ed Pelzner. Overwhelmed by the population of 11,000+ homeless people, I spoke to and prayed with many struggling individuals during my trip. I met an older man by the name of Ted, living on the streets of the Ocean Beach area.  After driving him to Starbucks and sharing a coffee, he turned to me with a challenge.  “Pastor, if you really want to find your friend, you need to come back and live on the street for a week.”  I could not get his words out of my mind and after sharing the idea publicly, I returned to the city with two friends to live on the streets, looking for my friend. We returned in February this year to do the same thing, and again in April and in October. While we got close to Ed and gathered a great deal of information, we came up short.

On February 12th, we will return to San Diego with a team of individuals to search for Ed, and to love people along the way. Please pray for our trip as we are acting on fresh information of Ed sitings within the past two months. How to pray: 1. That we find Ed, 2. That he will engage us when we find him, 3. That he will be open to help, 4. That the ripple effect of this trip will offer hope to thousands.