God Only Knows

On the first evening that we arrived in Tamale, our group spent some time organizing the medical inventory.  We sorted bandages, eye glasses, a number of medicines and assorted medical supplies. As I stated in previous posts, I am not a medical professional, so I needed to ask the trip doctors several times, “What is this?”  While each of the team members began to own the organization of certain meds or supplies, I was left to empty bags and make sure that each item found its way to the right pile in the room.  I happened upon a box of two rubber cushions, designed to be used with a pair of crutches.  I asked one of the team doctors, “Where are the crutches, so I can get these sorted in the right place?”  Dr. Daphne Thomas responded, “Oh, I didn”t end up having room for the crutches so we only have the cushions.”  I commented on how silly it might be to hand out a pair crutch cushions without crutches, as I filed them away with some assorted toys that we brought, thinking that some child might just use them as a squeeze toy.

Today we began day two of our village medical visits.  We had organized the team and begun to triage each person who needed medical assistance.  And then I saw her…  My attention was captured by a young girl who was hobbling around on a single homemade crutch, most likely wondering what this band of American doctors might be able to do with the deformity that had left her scared from birth.  At first I didn’t think anything of it, and then I had an idea that comes in such a way that you know it is inspired by the One who loves this precious child more than her own parents.  The thought that entered my mind was simply this, “This is the girl that I love so much, I noticed her need for comfort – and with her in mind I packed the pads, so give them to her.” I wasted no time, I grabbed the two pads, found the medical container with scissors, clipped the two pads and made my way straight for the child, with pads and packing tape in hand.  Not speaking the local dialect, I motioned for her to sit and give me her crutch.  She trusted me enough to hand it over, and watched as I wrapped one pad around her armpit brace and the other in the place that her hand navigates the crutch on a daily basis. I wound tape around each pad until they were both firmly secured and then I placed the crutch back in her hands.  As she stood with her new fashioned crutch, her face beamed (Pic above) and she let the interpreter know that we could pray for her.

It was an honor to pray with this young girl in that remote village, and while she did not receive healing from God, I still had the strong sense that He made sure that the pads were packed just for her.  The Scripture tells us that there has never been, nor will be a sparrow that falls from the sky and escapes God”s attention (Matthew 10:29).  With that idea in mind, how much more valued are you and I, since we were created in His image?  We have never looked into the eyes of an individual that does not completely matter to God.  And so it is with this little girl in a seemingly random, remote African village.  The Lord wants us to know His love and His Presence.  It has been a privilege to serve in this capacity and I am honored to be part of this trip. Thank you for your prayers!