Medical Work in Tamale, Ghana

This summer, we are returning with a group to Tamale, Ghana for a different sort of trip (May 22 – June 4).  We have helped run a children”s camp for more than 400 kids for the past two summers each August, however, this year we are returning with a medical team in May.

How did this come about?  Earlier this year,, my wife Sandra almost suffered a second miscarriage.  While we were in the hospital, her examining physician windows ultimate key turned to me and told me that she recognized me from church. She said, “I know you lead a lot of mission trips – we need to do one as a team.”  I have never led a medical mission team and yet I took her information, but was honestly more focused on the trial related to our hospital visit.

Honestly, a few weeks later I had forgotten the conversation, until one of my Endurance Leadership Board members said, “I believe that you need to lead another mission trip to Ghana – have you prayed about it. I had not prayed about it but I did share with the Board about meeting surgeon Daphne Thomas. We prayed that evening and had a follow up meeting with Dr. Thomas and my wife Sandra. And now we have a number of people signed up and planning to join us.  I am so excited to lead this trip and to bring medical teams to two of the towns of friends who frequent our Ashburn, Ghana dinners: Yussif and Naporo.  What a blessing to see world colliding and to be a part of what God is doing!