The Suspense of a Cliff Hanger

What is it that grips us about dramas that seem to take our emotions on a thrilling roller coaster ride and tie our stomachs in knots?  Usually those sorts of stories begins by introducing likable characters, we are given enough background to become engaged with the plot, and then it happens. Some pending disaster or trial befalls one of the key characters and the tension begins to mount. In the old cliff hangers, it was never enough to simply offer one potential danger. Usually the writers would add several overlapping potential threats,  causing those in the audience to clench the armrests while their stomachs turned with suspense.  Every human engaged in the drama would be captivated and could not help but wonder, “How on earth will the characters avert pending doom?!!!”

Have you ever wondered why there are so few original plots in drama?  It seems to me that we as humans tend to become so engaged with “new” stories, when in fact many common reoccurring plots  have simply changed the names, backgrounds, ages and of course added new eye riveting graphics.  Why are we drawn to the same exciting story lines?  We want love, intrigue, suspense and of course in the end we desire closure. We are board if the plot has no excitement or mystery. There is usually a villain and a hero and we desire justice and cheer when we have been guided on a well crafted journey to arrive at a happily ever after.  Why am I discussing these sorts of story while many are simply reading this blog entry to find out the news about our current situation?  Well, I will tell you…

I believe that you and I have been created in the image of God. I believe that the One who made us, not only loves His creation but also desires to be known by the ones He created.  God desires the sort of relationship with His creation that causes us to become aware of our need for Him and aware of His ultimate demonstration of love for us in Jesus Christ.  He is the ultimate hero and is the only One who can bring the drama and twisted plots that our lives can become, back into a happily ever after.  So why all the suspense?  It is part of life, part of being human and part of our God-given DNA, which is engaged by the suspense and waits in anticipation for the hero to save the day.

We are all engaged in our own dramas and today mine has become more exciting. I have been given news that a brain aneurysm has returned and doubled in size. I have been told that due to the placement of the aneurysm and the size that the risks for stroke and worse are elevated and so now we get to wait. We wait for the next chapter to unfold as we now have a time and date for surgery (Tuesday April 16th @ 8:30AM).  We ask for your prayers and appreciate the kind remarks that many have offered.

So why on earth did I bother to share the cliff hanger analogy and drama concept?  When I was praying yesterday and asking God, “What do you want me to know God and how am I to understand this drama?”  The immediate response that came to mind was that God delights in exciting suspense filled dramas. He has our complete attention when trials and tensions rise. He is never frightened or intimidated when we are at a perceived impasse and the way forward seem humanly impossible.  He is the God that says all things are possible and desires our trust, especially when we are tempted to give up or believe that we have arrived at our end. I love the words of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego facing a difficult trial of their own in a situation that would have been easy to lack trust in God they said, “The God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us… But even if He does not..” They were still unyielding in their faith (Daniel 3:17-18).  I am inspired by that sort of faith and am confident that God is leading the way and that this will all work out for the better. Thanks again for prayers – Sandra and I feel encouraged and supported by so many!